Menlo Country Club Modular Water Purification System

Woodside, CA


To reduce the use of potable water for irrigation at Menlo Country Club, PACE is applying the H2O Infinity system, a custom-designed concrete modular water purification plant to treat wastewater for onsite reuse at the country club. This system features a hybrid design that combines the cost-effectiveness of a packaged treatment system commonly utilized for smaller-scale wastewater treatment needs with high-quality equipment and flexibility for expansion commonly only available with custom-designed systems.


The 0.4 MGD membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment system provides ultra-high-quality effluent processing and easily delivers reliable clarification and filtration for a variety of water processes. Primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment ensures compliance with Title 22 water reuse standards. In addition, the equipment is networked into a real-time monitoring system to facilitate remote or automated operations using standard electronics, eliminating the typical costly and complicated control systems. The modular design of the system is quickly erected in the field, and the concrete blocks will be mostly buried to minimize visual changes to the site.


Key Features:

  • Small-scale MBR system featuring the benefits of pre-packaged system and customized designs
  • Pre-cast concrete modular blocks for fast installation
  • Commonality of parts and components for ease of repair
  • Micro-dose chlorine disinfection to provide final treatment of recycled water
  • Real-time monitoring via networked equipment and instruments
  • Ozone odor control
  • Reliable headworks and long-lasting membranes

Menlo Country Club

Wastewater Treatment / Recycled Water