Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 29 Improvements

Malibu, CA


The Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 29, which provides water supply to the City of Malibu, selected PACE to perform engineering design services for the Waterline, Upper Encinal Tank, and Lower Encinal Pump Station Improvements Project. This high-profile, multi-jurisdiction project is driven by the recent Woolsey Fire, as many homeowners are not allowed to rebuild until the proposed fire protection improvements are in place. PACE was hired to design multiple infrastructure improvements, including the replacement of over 1 mile of pipeline up to 12 inches in diameter to improve the fire flow, and a new 185,000-gallon welded steel Upper Encinal Tank to replace the existing 70,000-gallon tank within the hillside area. Additionally, the Lower Encinal Pump Station was rehabilitated with a new larger pump station structure, along with adding a new PRV station to allow reverse flow between the two different pressure zones. Furthermore, to provide additional redundancy, a towable diesel generator was added in case of a power outage. PACE also assisted with obtaining all necessary permits, including the permit with the California Coastal Commission.


Key Features:

  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Water tank replacement
  • Pipeline replacement
  • Pump station rehabilitation
  • Generator installation
  • Permitting assistance



Los Angeles County Public Works

Water Infrastructure