Lake Forest Community Association Swim Lagoon Renovations

Lake Forest, CA


PACE was contracted to prepare the conceptual design, design development plans, and construction documents to renovate the swim lagoon for the Lake Forest Community Association. The existing swim lagoon had severe water quality issues and was closed by the Orange County Health Care Agency due to issues related to clarity. PACE’s design for the new 400,000-gallon, 20,000-square-foot swim lagoon provides sand beach areas, simulating a natural swimming environment. The pool water quality is significantly improved by the new design and has been commended by the Orange County Health Care Agency.


The design is maintenance-friendly and innovative to work within existing conditions. Also, the beach shoreline prevents algae growth in the sand media by allowing disinfected water to be circulated through the sand. This design is part of a guaranteed maximum price contract with a contractor where PACE remains the Engineer of Record from concept through construction. PACE is also contracted to provide construction administration, as-built plans, and an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual.


Key Features:

  • New 400,000-gallon, 20,000-square-foot swim lagoon
  • Sand beach shoreline for natural environment and to prevent algae growth
  • Improved pool water quality

Lake Forest Community Association

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