Harmony Drinking Water Reservoir

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


PACE designed a new 123-acre rainwater harvesting, recreational lake, and drinking water reservoir. Harmony Lake serves as a reservoir for water supply to the community as well as a stormwater detention facility to control flooding of the project and areas downstream of the project. Providing a safe and reliable water supply is the most important function of the lake, and thus, the design has carefully considered a thermally separated deep zone to provide consistent water quality and a stable ecosystem. The lake will also function as a fishery, path-walking, and boating attraction that are important amenities to the community. Aspects of the design of this reservoir include intakes/discharges, deep water treatment and oxygenation system, shallow water recirculation and aeration system, wetlands, and other aesthetic features.


As part of the design, PACE performed a lake water balance analysis and developed one- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic-water quality models. A hypolimnetic oxygenation and ozonation system (HOOS) was recommended and design for the lake’s deep zone where water is thermally stratified during summer and winter.


Key Features:

  • 123-acre reservoir including excavations up to 50 feet deep
  • Large-scale civil construction
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Recreational lake
  • Drinking water reservoir
  • Flood control
  • Lake water quality treatment system
  • One- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic-water quality models

Rocky View County

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