Gresham Children’s Fountain Project at the Arts Plaza

Gresham, OR


The Gresham Children’s Fountain is a public interactive fountain constructed on behalf of the City of Gresham, Oregon. The fountain operates as a spray ground fountain for interactive play and as a water show for evening entertainment with lights and fountain effects. The system includes two fountains, Fountain #1 is the main fountain with lighting and effects for evening display and Fountain #2 is a smaller fountain intended for small children and does not include lighting.


Fountain #1 consists of a 40-foot diameter concrete surface with 40 smooth bore nozzles producing a thin stream of water that arcs towards the center. Each nozzle location has a pair of nozzles that cross streams at a maximum height of seven feet. A VFD driven pump drives reduce flow to the outer nozzles and allow the arc to move in and out from the center to the perimeter of the circle and up and down.  The fountain water sheet flows to a perimeter trough that is conveyed to a surge tank and the recirculation system ensuring that there is no standing water on the concrete surface.  The inner nozzles consist of twenty vertical nozzles that emit a concentrated stream of water at a variety of heights ranging from zero to six and a half feet. There is a center nozzle that can reach a height of 14 feet vertically.


Fountain #2 consists of an 18-foot diameter concrete surface with 12 nozzles that shoot vertically. There is no standing water on the concrete surface. There is an outer circle of vertical nozzles and an inner circle of vertical nozzles. All the vertical nozzles emit a concentrated stream of water at a variety of heights ranging from zero to six and a half feet. These vertical nozzles are flush to the ground and can turn on and off independently from each other.


Both Fountain #1 and Fountain #2 is recirculated and shares a common surge tank and pump station. All the nozzles are located below the surface of each fountain and all the water that comes in contact with the public is recirculated and treated. Every drop of water prior to it exiting the spray area has been chemically treated with chlorine, filtered, and disinfected with a UV unit.


Key Features:

  • Integrated lighting with fountain effects
  • Provided pumping, filtration, disinfection systems
  • Below grade pump station
  • Electrical design
  • Structural design

Burton Landscape Architecture Studio

Fountains / Water Features, Interactive Water Features, Lake Systems / Water Features / Pools