Earvin Magic Johnson Park Urban Runoff Water Recycling and Storm Drain Diversion Automated Controls System

Los Angeles, CA


PACE designed a unique new system through a collaboration with the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission and Los Angeles County Public Works Watershed Division that sustainably creates a new water source for Earvin Magic Johnson Park by capturing urban runoff (dry- and wet-weather first-flush flows), treating the captured flows to improve water quality, and recycling the water for on-site irrigation use. The treated recycled water is stored within the park’s lakes and enhances the appearance and water quality of the lake system. This system collects, retains, and reuses all of the wet-weather first-flush flows of the 375-acre watershed, amounting to approximately 14 acre-feet (4.5 million gallons) of flows from a significant storm event.


PACE I&C took on the task of integrating prepackaged autonomous treatment systems procured from various vendors to create a complete treatment system for the recently renovated park located in Willowbrook, Los Angeles. The treatment system included two lakes with a recirculation pump station to ensure water quality across both lakes, a diversion pump station that captures stormwater from neighboring streets to replenish the lakes, and a potable reuse splash pad next to the playground. PACE I&C facilitated a Main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to communicate and remotely operate each packaged treatment system in unison to achieve the process engineering design. The Main PLC was vital to connect missing pieces the packaged treatment systems did not offer to complete the process sequence. PACE I&C provided the programming for the Main PLC and Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) and configured all necessary instrumentation. After startup of all the treatment systems, PACE trained the operations staff on the proper operation of the treatment system.


Key Features:

  • Instrumentation and controls design
  • Electrical engineering design
  • Project goal is net-zero potable water use
  • Wet-weather flow treatment facility with low- and high-flow trains
  • Recirculation pump and piping
  • A treatment PLC and remote I/O PLC units
  • Master SCADA for centralized monitoring

AHBE Landscape Architects for the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission

Instrumentation & Controls, SCADA