Desert Color Swim Lagoon Water Quality

St. George, UT


Desert Color is a new sustainable master-planned community in St. George, Utah, developed by Desert Color partnership team. The Desert Color community includes a 2.4-acre and 4-million-gallon man-made lagoon surrounded by residential and short-term rental units where residents and rental guests can enjoy the open waters of the lagoon night and day. PACE was the engineer of record for the man-made lagoon system. The programming of the lagoon includes three sand beach entries and shallow chaise lounges that surround an open body of turquoise blue water designed for recreational water activities year-round. Seamed panels of reinforced polyethylene (RPE) textured white liner lines the entire footprint of the lagoon floor and precast concrete walls. The body of water is treated through a recirculation system of commercial pool sand filters, an on-site ozone generation system, and a chlorine/acid feed injection system. The body of water has a 10-hour turnover rate at the deeper areas and a 4-hour turnover rate at the shallower, high-traffic beach entries. Underwater pool LED lights were designed to illuminate different holiday and party-mode themes throughout the year.


Key Features:

  • 2.4-acre and 4-million-gallon man-made lagoon
  • Three sand beach entries
  • Textured white liner and precast concrete walls
  • Sand filter treatment
  • On-site ozone generation system
  • Chlorine / acid feed injection system
  • Underwater pool LED lights

Desert Color

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