Denver International Airport Westin Hotel Pool

Denver, CO


With a building meant to symbolize wings of a bird in flight, PACE provided engineering design services for the guest swim facilities at the Denver International Airport Westin Hotel. Pool facilities designed include an indoor zero edge pool and spa located on the 11th floor where guests can also enjoy the sweeping views of the Rockies. Disinfection is achieved via a salt water system due to the many benefits it provides such as the elimination of chlorine consumption, odor, and other irritating effects. A Myrtha pool system was used for this pool and spa featuring a stainless-steel containment structure to prevent leakage. For this type of design, a concrete structural base form the stainless-steel wall panels and holds the PVC membrane liner. PACE developed creative strategies to locate enough space for all of the project equipment with the equipment room being on the 10th floor, the pool on the 11th floor, and the heaters on the roof.


Key Features:

  • Indoor zero edge pool and spa on the 11th floor
  • Salt water system for disinfection
  • Myrtha pool system


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