City of Somerton Valley Vista Wastewater Collection System

Somerton, AZ


PACE was engaged by the City of Somerton to provide design services a new lift station and installation of a new sewer collection system that redirect flows to the newly upgraded Somerton WWTP.  The new lift station was constructed adjacent to the existing lift station to minimize infrastructure cost, such as connective piping and electrical services.  The system required 8,700 linear feet (approximately one mile) of pipe to traverse from the Valley Vista WWTP Lift Station to the Somerton WWTP.


This project was selected as the best alternative for the project based on positive revenue stream, reduced O&M cost; low life cycle cost, and minimized environmental impact to the surrounding environment. PACE has prepared a USDA-RD PER and ER and the USDA-RD has offered a loan/grant combination funding to the City and County to complete the project.


Key Features:

  • Sewer Collection System
  • Larger lift station for conveyance flows
  • Minimized infrastructure cost
  • 8,700 linear feet of pipe
  • Reduced O&M cost

City of Somerton

Wastewater Infrastructure