City of Redondo Beach Rindge Sewer Station Upgrade

Redondo Beach, CA


PACE developed an innovative design solution for a large sewer lift station in the City of Redondo Beach with outdated project components and structures, excessive generator noise, and drainage problems. Rindge Pump Station is a large submersible pump station in a highly visible part of the City that has been in service for several decades and was in need of substantial improvements. The upgrades included using the existing underground concrete vault structure as a foundation for a new aesthetic building and constructing a second building containing all electrical and generator equipment for enhanced security. This configuration improved the life of the equipment in a controlled room and reduced noise. The two buildings were creatively integrated into a common structure with an entrance trellis and green plantings. The front of the buildings is a wire mesh face with additional low water use landscaping to create a modern mid-century feel that blends with the surrounding community. The front of the facility has permeable areas to reduce and soften the quantity of hardscape and reduce runoff. The structures and facilities were also raised to remove them from flood hazard areas.


The site features a two-pump duplex (1+1) non-clog submersible pump station that has a firm pumping capacity of 1,520 gallons per minute and conveys sewage approximately 2,000 feet through a 12-inch force main to the downstream gravity system. Design of the new electrical buildings and enclosures included all necessary architectural, structural, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical elements. Construction was sequenced to avoid disruption of the existing sewer pumping operation and included the installation of a temporary generator and transformer to facilitate the transition to the new pump station. The new facility features new electrical service, SES, ATS, MTS, MCC, an emergency generator for improvements, and new programmable logic controller (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.


Key Features:

  • Higher efficiency pumping
  • Installation of permeable pavement
  • Increase of emergency sewage storage
  • Elimination of potential stormwater inflow into the station
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Corrosion protection coating due to coastal environment
  • Underground concrete vault
  • Aesthetic considerations due to location within a school yard
  • Emergency generator
  • Construction was sequenced to avoid disruption of sewer pumping operation

City of Redondo Beach

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