City of Redondo Beach Legado Development Sewer Upgrades

Redondo Beach, CA


The City of Redondo Beach needed additional conveyance capacity through new sewer pipelines and improvements in the area around Pacific Coast Highway and Palos Verdes Blvd.  PACE designed approximately 550’ of new 12” sewer pipe and multiple manholes through various major intersections and along Caltrans Pacific Coast Highway. The pipeline also traverses through the City of Torrance right-of-way, so multiple encroachments are required for the project. PACE evaluated numerous alignment alternatives, and trenchless construction technology through pipe bursting. PACE concluded that the existing pipe was too shallow for pipe bursting and was able to identify an alignment to cross both over and under existing underground utilities. During construction, the contractor submitted an alternate construction approach called “Pilot-Tubing”, a trenchless technology. PACE evaluated the new construction method, and agreed it was beneficial for the City to proceed. This trenchless method significantly reduced construction traffic impact with some cost savings to the City.


Key Features:

  • Trenchless pipeline installation
  • 12” VCP sewer requiring permits from multiple public entities
  • Retained existing sewer pipe in operation for added redundancy
  • Evaluated multiple sewer pipeline alignments to avoid a myriad of existing underground utilities

City of Redondo Beach

Wastewater Infrastructure