City of Manhattan Beach Larsson Street and 2nd Street Booster Pump Station Upgrade

Manhattan Beach, CA


The City of Manhattan Beach needed to increase potable water delivery capacity and reliability for the Hill Area Pressure Zone (HAPZ) for potable and fire flow needs. The area is serviced by the Larsson Street Booster Pump Station (Larsson) and has additional back up pumping capabilities from the 2nd Street Booster Pump Station (2nd Street). PACE was hired to evaluate the condition of the pumping facilities, determine the flow capacity of the associated delivery lines, design a capacity expansion of Larsson to increase capacity from 1,500 gpm to 4,400 gpm and determine the feasibility of upgrading, replacing or leaving 2nd Street in place with no modifications.


At Larsson, PACE proposed the design of four pumps with vertically-mounted, end-suction pumping equipment and modern motor controllers to increase the delivery capacity to 4,400 gpm, while maintaining the minimal footprint within their existing vault. To create the best visualization of the complete installation, PACE developed a 3D model of the design to demonstrate that the vault had adequate space for the new pumps. An extensive flow study of the Hill Area Pressure Zone determined that the existing pipe network was adequately sized to meet their required fire and domestic demands, therefore saving the City significant money and time by eliminating design and replacement of water mains.


A preliminary assessment of 2nd Street was conducted concluding that a new pump station was necessary to resolve vibration and maintenance issues, improve reliability and to modernize the aging equipment. Design is currently being performed for the upgrades/replacements of the two facilities, along with determining the preferred


Key Features:

  • Pump station upgrade and capacity expansion from 1,500 gpm to 4,400 gpm
  • End-suction pumping equipment
  • Modernized motor controls
  • Pipeline flow capacity study
  • Construction sequencing to minimize operations impacts
  • Back-up power supply assessment and upgrades



City of Manhattan Beach

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