Central Park Parking Lot Bioswale System

Huntington Beach, CA


PACE was hired by the City of Huntington Beach to design improvements to an existing parking lot including the design of a LID BMP to manage parking lot runoff. PACE prepared conceptual, preliminary, and final design and planting plans for the parking lot and a bioswale that collects and treats parking lot runoff before the runoff is discharged to the storm drain system. Prior to the project the parking lot was a standard parking lot with a raised island. The parking lot offered no stormwater treatment or detention, and was in poor condition, resulting in the city’s desire for the project. The new parking lot allows runoff to flow to an attractive vegetated bioswale that serves both as stormwater conveyance and treatment. As the water slowly seeps into the soil of the bioswale, soil microbes, plant roots, and the slow movement of water through soil all help remove pollutants from the stormwater. Treated stormwater either seeps into the soil below the swale, where it helps replenish groundwater, or it slowly flows to the downstream end of the swale, located adjacent to Slater Avenue.


Key Features:

  • Bioswale system
  • Water quality treatment
  • LID application
  • Improvement plan preparation
  • Regulatory permitting

City of Huntington Beach

Stormwater Management / Flood Control, Stormwater Quality