Central Lathrop Specific Plan (CLSP) Water Tank and Booster Pump Station

Lathrop, CA


PACE designed the 1.6 MG potable water tank and booster pump station for the Central Lathrop Specific Plan (CLSP) area, which houses three (3) 60 HP vertical turbine pumps each pumping 1,150 GPM and one (1) 200 HP vertical turbine pump that pumps 3,000 GPM for a total of 6,450 GPM. The pump station design includes all pumps, motors, piping, valves, pressure relief, disinfection equipment, structure, back-up generator, security, HVAC, electrical equipment, surge tanks, corrosion control, and instrumentation and controls. The station was also designed to attenuate possible noise generated by the pump motor through a combination of block wall with sound attenuation panels. Design services provided also included full site grading and landscape improvements. To assist with getting approval from the City of Lathrop Planning Department, PACE provided architectural renderings to visualize the design and aesthetic appeal of the pump station to blend with the lean, modern style of the high-end residential homes in the area.  While the design provided additional aesthetic value, construction costs were still similar to most other typical pump stations.  PACE provided the design, bid services, and construction engineering support. The pump station and the tank were designed to meet both anticipated increase in potable use and storage for fire protection.


Key Features:

  • 1.6 MG potable water tank
  • 6,450 GPM potable water pump station
  • Pump station with chlorine disinfection
  • Designed with aesthetic appeal for surrounding residence
  • Tank meets potable use and storage for fire protection
  • Complete site improvement



Saybrook Fund Advisors, LLC

Instrumentation & Controls, Water Infrastructure