Podomoro Park Lake

The lake at Podomoro Park is an integrated water resources facility that is among the first of its kind in Indonesia. In addition to serving as a focal recreational facility and aesthetic feature for the development, the 6.7-acre lake will also capture and treat stormwater runoff and convey floodwater. The lake includes advanced water quality systems to maintain excellent water quality at all times within the lake, and a system to capture and treat runoff from a nearby canal for use as makeup water, eliminating demand for potable water for the lake.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park Urban Runoff Water Recycling

Los Angeles, CA – To minimize potable water use, this 126-acre park was reengineered through collaboration with the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC) and Los Angeles County Public Works (LACPW) to provide a sustainable new water source using a unique stormwater management system to recycle the runoff from the 375-acre watershed. This system captures 60% of the urban runoff (dry and wet weather first-flush flows), treats the captured flows to improve water quality, and recycles the water for onsite irrigation use. This unique design reduces the need to purchase water from outside sources, adds beauty to this amenity for an underserved community, and exemplifies how Southern California can successfully implement the capture and reuse of our stormwater runoff.

City of Huntington Beach Well 9 Treatment System

PACE provided multiple phases of project development, lab services, piloting, concept development, water treatment facility engineering, planning division graphics, and will work with the City staff through startup and operations support services on this innovative and unique treatment system.

Town of Quartzsite wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

To manage the influx of visitors and eliminate septic leach field disposal systems, The Town’s 0.45 MGD wastewater treatment plant needed upgrades and capacity expansion to 0.9 MGD.

A Value-Added Wastewater Solution for the Community

City of Lathrop, CA – Lathrop Wastewater Recycling Facility was originally constructed in 2004 to support the wastewater treatment needs of the City of Lathrop’s growing and flourishing community. Following a renovation in 2013 that increased the treatment capacity from .75 MGD to 1.0 MGD, in 2018, the facility was renovated a 2nd time to 2.5 MGD taking advantage of the best available technologies to produce high quality recycled water, reduce energy consumption/operational costs and improve ease of operation.

City of Show Low Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

City of Show Low, AZ – The new City of Show Low Wastewater Treatment Plant meets AZ Title 18 BADCT effluent standards at a cost less than $4 per gallon.

Celebrating 30 Years – Riding the Wave of Innovation

Showcasing several of the innovations PACE has developed over the last 30 years.

Urban Stormwater – Gobernadora Multi-Purpose Basin

South Orange County – Rancho Mission Viejo (RMV), in partnership with Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) and Orange County Public Works (OCPW) developed an innovative multi-functioning water infrastructure system that reclaims an urban stormwater waste stream and provides regional flood control benefits.