Mountain House Master Planned Community

Tracy, CA

Recycled Water Master Plan

PACE prepared a Recycled Water Master Plan to incorporate all the reclaimed water generation sources and disposal options to determine the best locations for reclaimed water disposal throughout the construction of the Mountain House community. Recommendations were made based on information gathered from various sources, site availability and economic efficiency of each option.  Additionally, pipe sizing and layout were produced based on the recommendation of the plan.

Irrigation Distribution System

PACE also provided master-planning and design services for a non-potable irrigation distribution system, 2,500 gpm (9,500 lpm) on-demand irrigation pump station from Byron Bethany Irrigation District Canal 155, and design of flow-metering and pressure reducing stations. The pump station design included a canal check dam, intake screens, hydropneumatic tank and pump station building which houses pumps, filters, and electrical and associated piping and instrumentation. The station also has a set of primary intake screens which strain debris from the canal water and prevent zebra mussels from clogging equipment.  The station pumps include two VFD main irrigation turbine pumps, and one single speed low flow turbine pump and the hydropneumatic tank is used during low flow demand periods to supply flow so the pumps will not over cycle.