Kings County Green City

Kings County, California


Kings County Green City is the largest green development project ever undertaken by PACE. The 13,172-acre development will include over 50,000 homes for 150,000 residents and create 40,000 jobs. Kings County Ventures will feature a championship motor speedway and destination resort hotels and entertainment venues in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley located between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  PACE developed ways to create the most environmentally responsible community possible. Original concepts being developed by PACE under Mr. Perslow’s direction include linking the community with a waterway that also functions as a water distribution system for recycled water, and solar power generating units which float on water reservoirs.

PACE is responsible for designing the stormwater, potable water, wastewater, and effluent reuse infrastructure.  During the initial planning process, PACE prepared the Water Supply Assessment to verify the potable water supply is sufficient, a critical piece to proving the development viability. Master Planning documents were prepared to address floodplain issues and stormwater storage and conveyance, as well as the preliminary design of potable water, wastewater and recycled water storage, treatment and conveyance facilities.  Water modeling software and GIS was used to by PACE to analyze alternatives under various use scenarios.  Following the approval of the Master Plans, all stormwater, potable water, wastewater, and recycled water infrastructure and treatment facilities will be designed by PACE.