Wastewater Treatment / Recycled Water

PACE has designed hundreds of treatment facilities for municipalities and land developers in both traditional design-bid-build and design-build settings. Our experience is not only with design-related tasks, but also with construction and operation of our treatment facility designs, allowing us to consistently provide practical engineering solutions at or below established project budgets. PACE has experience designing and permitting a wide range of process technologies based on project needs. From Conventional Activated Sludge and Oxidation Ditches to sophisticated Sequential Batch Reactors, Membrane Bio-Reactors and advanced filtration for potable reuse, PACE seamlessly provides our clients with high-performance, cost-effective solutions to their treatment needs. We offer in-house advanced modeling capabilities, a water quality laboratory and piloting facility for use on projects to ensure designs are functional and operable in practice.

Service Areas Include:
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Planning (New Facilities, Renovations, Expansions)
  • Wastewater Quality Assessment and Treatment Development
  • Advanced Treatment (RO, EDR, Ion Exchange, Proprietary Media Systems, etc.)
  • Permitting for Unrestricted Reuse, NPDES Discharge and Groundwater Recharge
  • EPA 503 Class A and B Bio-solids Reuse Processing, Dewatering and Permitting
  • Energy Efficiency Audits, Renewable Power and Cogeneration
  • Treatment Process Optimization
  • Recycled Water Polishing