Wastewater / Recycled Infrastructure

PACE is well-versed in planning, engineering, construction, and operation of wastewater conveyance systems, including applying state-of-the-art modeling software and AutoCAD tools such as Civil 3D to develop practical conveyance schemas. Through hands-on design and operation experience, alignments are strategically planned considering separation requirements with other wet utilities, utility pothole information, lane closure requirements, accessibility to residents and businesses, impacts from pipe flushing for disinfection, and accessibility for maintenance. Our direct experience in planning, design, construction and operations gives us a unique ability to identify and work around these site issues while maintaining capital and operational budgets. Additionally, PACE has extensive sewer pumping experience and has worked with vertical turbine, centrifugal, and horizontal split-case mechanical equipment systems with constant pressure application using VFDs. Our “library of knowledge” on pumping systems allows us to develop unique and creative solutions that maximize serviceability, efficiency and longevity.

Service Areas Include:
  • Sewer Collection Pipeline
  • Sewer Lift Stations
  • Recycled Water Storage Facilities
  • Recycled Water Distribution