Lake Systems / Water Features / Pools

For over 30 years, PACE has successfully combined the inherent beauty of water with responsible design to create water features that are as breathtaking as they are functional. Signature entry features, manmade lakes, streams and waterfalls, community pool systems, swim lagoons, and interactive, choreographed water features are cornerstones of our experience. We know that external beauty and functionality are only part of the challenge of creating lasting, value-added water features.


Water features are central community focal points and desirable for their aesthetic, recreational, and wildlife habitat benefits, but PACE also offers specialized expertise in integrating vital water and stormwater infrastructure, often unbeknownst to the community. Stormwater capture, detention, retention, groundwater recharge, and irrigation storage are just some of the water resource management systems that can seamlessly incorporate into aesthetic water amenities.

Service Areas Include:
  • Manmade Lakes
  • Streams
  • Swimming Pools, Lagoons & Spas
  • Interactive Water Features
  • Entry Features
  • Freeform Water Features
  • Streams
  • Water Features