In-house Training

PACE offers monthly lunch-and-learn trainings, special off-site courses, and access to an extensive library of over 100 recorded multi-session training courses that are primarily focused on water resource and leadership management enrichment. The goal in these trainings is to provide employees and business partners training in new knowledge areas, thus raising the bar of water resource and management expertise. We believe it is important to challenge all employees to strive for new knowledge and continuously build on this mastery to achieve levels of expertise that far surpass typical training expectations.


By utilizing tools such as classroom training, laboratory testing, field experience, and expert mentoring, our trainings stimulate individuals not only to enrich their knowledge, but also to focus on their natural curiosity and creative capabilities.

  • Professional Opportunities

    • General Management, Ethics & Leadership
    • Project Management Responsibilities
    • Research
    • Accounting / Finance
    • Administration

  • Technology Advancement

    • CAD Technology
    • Engineering Software
    • GIS Technology
    • Controls & Instrumentation
    • IT/Technical Support

  • Engineering Development

    • Civil / Environmental Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Hydraulics / Hydrology
    • River Hydraulics / Sedimentation
    • Stormwater Structures