Three of the most prevalent characteristics of this firm’s culture or personality:

  • Client focused
  • Team-oriented, collaborative
  • Fun

PACE continually provides its staff with an attractive, comfortable work environment that includes, but is not limited to: casual attire policy, flexible hours, lunch activities, in-office putting course, yoga classes, on-site massages, café-style break room, numerous training opportunities, teambuilding events, and PDAs for employees.

Sharing ideas is critical to the continuous improvement and growth of a company, and one of the ways PACE implements idea sharing is through feedback mechanisms. Feedback allows for a better understanding of the needs and concerns of all employees, and we achieve this by:

  • Administering annual surveys on business strategy, on-site and off-site company-sponsored activities, office environment improvements, and benefits.
  • Conduct annual company meeting where feedback on company programs/initiatives is gathered via interactive brainstorming sessions and voting on workplace suggestions by co-workers.
  • Providing opportunities for staff at all levels to meet with executives.


Blue Wave is a unique PACE publication highlighting the engineering achievements of the PACE team, and celebrates the creative culture developed over the past 30+ years.