Johan Perslow, PE


Diploma in Advanced Concrete Construction
University of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Graduate Studies in Economics & Marketing,
University of Kentucky

BS Civil Engineering,
Technical College of Orebro, Sweden

Professional Engineer:
AZ – 9376, CA – 24489, CO – 23444, NV – 7029

Johan Perslow has more than 30 years of engineering and construction experience in both public and private sectors. Over the last 20 years, Johan has been the principal designer, consultant and construction manager for more than 700 projects including wastewater-effluent reuse systems, lake and pumping systems, numerous state-of-the-art water-resource management systems, irrigation-optimization systems and tertiary wastewater treatment plants. He has also been involved with the structural design of numerous interstate highway bridges and other complex structures. As PACE’s Senior Consultant, Principal and Chairman, Johan has been at the cutting edge of developing and applying new technology to solve commonplace and unique problems.