James A. Matthews, PE

Sr. Vice President – Environmental Water Division

BS Civil Engineering,
San Diego State University

Professional Engineer:
AZ – 34090, CA – 57746, FL – 69722, HI – 13718,
ID – 11229, NM – 16491, VA – 040716

Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification: Arizona

James Matthews is highly regarded in the water and wastewater community of the southwestern United States for his tremendous wealth of practical knowledge of the industry, and his ability to use technologies and research to develop value for clients.  Mr. Matthews has created designs of several award-winning water reclamation facilities in California and Arizona, and has saved capital cost, reduced construction schedule, and minimized operations and maintenance needs on hundreds of pump station, reservoir, water treatment, and wastewater treatment projects by implementing creative design concepts.  His expertise stems from an extensive background in construction supervision, plant operations, and administration.  Mr. Matthews has a proven record of developing and ensuring completion of impressive solutions to dozens of clients most difficult problems. Often considered the most difficult aspect of any project’s completion, Mr. Matthews has personally installed custom control systems including PLC programming, SCADA, radio telemetry, and solid-state controls for their intended application.