Pacific Aquascape

Pacific Aquascape

Pacific Aquascape, Inc., established in 1974, is a Design/Build water feature company offering clients an unparalleled combination of experience, quality construction, and engineering design service. Pacific Aquascape is an industry leader in the design and construction of lakes, streams, waterfalls, pools, and fountains. Recognized for contributions to golf courses, resorts, and special projects the world over, Pacific Aquascape prides itself on its commitment to providing efficient elegant solutions in partnership with nature.


MCM Companies

A key strategic partner in China and other international work, MCM Group is a planning and design firm dedicated to designing ‘Optimal Environments.’ As planners and architects MCM’s goal is to create design solutions for clients that work economically, are environmentally sustainable, and form meaningful places that are aesthetically memorable. With MCM, they are not limited with one specific design vocabulary; they seek design solutions that first consider economic feasibility and then thoughtfully layer sustainability and aesthetics into the design solution.