Publications & Presentations

Water/Wastewater Treatment

• “Health Effects Associated with Wastewater Treatment, Reuse, and Disposal” Qu, Xiaoyan; Zhao, Yuanyuan; Yu, Ruoren; Li, Yuan; Falzone, Charles; Smith, Gregory; Ikehata, Keisuke published in Water Environmental Research, 2016

• “Treatment of groundwater contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, tetrahydrofuran, and chlorinated volatile organic compounds using advanced oxidation processes” by Ikehata, Wang-Staley, Qu, and Li published in Ozone Science & Engineering

• “Aqueous silica removal from agricultural drainage water and reverse osmosis concentrate by brackish water diatoms in semi-batch photobioreactors” by Ikehata, Zhao, Maleky, Komor, and Anderson published in Journal of Applied Phycology

• Water Environment Research – Health Effects Associated with Wastewater Treatment, Reuse, and Disposal. 2014 pp. 1970-1993(24)

• Heavy Metals In Water: Presence, Removal and Safety – Arsenic Contamination: An Overview. 2015 pp. 86-121

• Heavy Metals In Water: Presence, Removal and Safety – Removal of Iron and Manganese from Water–Chemistry and Engineering Considerations. 2015 pp. 122-140

• Water Environment Research – Health Effects Associated with Wastewater Treatment, Reuse, and Disposal. 2013 pp. 1954-1977(24)

• Multiple Benefits of Nanofiltration in Brackish Groundwater Treatment

• Ozone Applications in Golf Course Irrigation Water Treatment

• Use of Advanced Processes Yields Big Savings and Better Water Quality for Somerton

• Engineering Excellence for Australia

• Recycled Water Reservoir Water Quality Study

• Evaluation of Denitrification in Constructed Wetlands

• Evaluation of Denitrification Rates and Mechanisms in Microcosm Experiments with Sediments and Plants

• Hybrid Sequencing Batch Reactors(SBR) Offer an Efficient Wastewater Treatment

• Nitrate Removal in Constructed Wetlands

• PACE’s Value Engineering Saves City of Bisbee $145,000

Stormwater Management

• Water Use Reduction Strategies

• Integrated Watershed Runoff Management Planning for Large Planned Development

• Developing an Integrated Watershed Planning Tool for Integrated Flood Management

• Optimizing Basin Design for Floodplain Management

• Selecting Physical Hydraulic Modeling for Flood Hazards Analysis

• Engineering Analyses for Urban Drainage Systems

• Watershed Management Planning Tool

• Stormwater Management Integrated into Creative Landscape Design

• Addressing Flood Control and Management in the San Diego IRWM

• Multi-Objective Decision Tool for Flood Control Masterplanning

• East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel – Physical Model Study at I-405

• Performance of Flood-Tested Soil-Cement Protected Levees

• Alluvial Fan Case Studies, Floodplain Management Association, May 2010

• Bi-level Soil Cement: An Environmentally Superior Bank Protection System

• Design of Channel Flow Diversion Facilities for Riparian Habitat Irrigation

• Design of Fish Passage Mitigation Measures for Existing Flood Control Channels

• Design of Streambank Bilization with Geogrid Reinforced Earth Systems

• Levee Design for Flood Protection on Alluvial Fans

• Design of Channel Flow Diversion Facilities for Riparrian Habitat Irrigation

• Physical Modeling on the Effect of a Horizontal Armor Blanket for Grade Control Structures

• Riparian Habitat Replacement within Active Floodplains

• Soil Cement: Flood and Environmental Protection

Stream/Habitat Restoration

• Watershed Stream Stabilization / Restoration Project

• Erosion Hazard Boundaries – Estimating Stream Bank Lateral Migration

• Integrating Urban Design for Creek Restoration Projects Streambank

• Restoration Design with Vinyl Sheet Pile Grade Control Structures

Manmade Lakes

• Aquascape Solutions for Stormwater Management and Treatment

• Resources for Planning and Designing Manmade Lakes

Additional Presentation & Publications

• World Trade Center Conceptual Proposal