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PACE has an onsite environmental water lab working both in water quality testing and in piloting new projects on behalf of our clients and their respective projects. Having this type of laboratory at our headquarters offers many benefits to the solutions we offer, leading to more cost effective, proven and sound engineering solutions for water quality, water resource management and regulatory compliance.  There are currently three patents pending and more technology under development in addition to that. Our laboratory focuses primarily in three major areas:

• Technical Consulting

• Research and Development

• Collaborative Research

We offer a wide range of technical consulting services including water quality monitoring, treatment process adjustments, emergency water quality support, and the evaluation and validation of new treatment and monitoring technologies. Water quality monitoring is a major activity of our lab to support our focus areas. We monitor for taste, odor, algal blooms, and toxic elements and we can test for more than 30 different parameters in-house, as well as through our academic and industrial partners.

The lab performs both field and laboratory tests--including bench and pilot scale tests--to determine process performance and potential issues with scalability, hydraulics, and operations. Not only does the lab perform consultations, we also research and develop new water technologies. The cutting-edge projects we are involved in include water treatment, water reuse and contaminant management.

The lab is actively working on the development of new water treatment processes in the fields of chemical oxidation--ozone, UV, advanced oxidation--biological and biochemical processes, and desalination. In addition to treatment technologies, we investigate recycled water quality, monitoring methods, and reuse applications for domestic and industrial wastewater. Our lab is also researching and developing technologies related to emerging contaminants; how to treat and monitor them, and on the toxicology and risk assessment of contaminants in water.

We work closely with academic and industrial partners, ensuring a wealth of information to further our explorations. Some of our research is confidential and we are highly trusted among our partners to ensure that new technologies developed remain exclusive.

Interested in knowing more about our laboratory services? You can find more information at: PACE Water Laboratory (www.pacewater.com/water-lab)


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