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PACE Ranks #1 for On-Call Support Services with Orange County Public Works

OC Watershed

In November 2011, Orange County Public Works announced their list of consultants for On-Call Support Services for Watershed Planning & Engineering and PACE is very proud to be ranked #1 out of 14 highly reputable firms who submitted qualifications. OC Public Works is responsible for a wide range of public infrastructure including watershed management. This on-call agreement covers as-needed services related to watershed planning and engineering including analyses for sedimentation, hydrology and hydraulics, GIS mapping, water quality treatment, LID and BMP design.
This is the second time in a row PACE has been awarded an on-call services agreement for watershed planning and engineering with OC Public Works. The previous agreement allowed us to complete a unique watershed mapping program for the Coyote Creek and San Gabriel Watersheds related to the implementation of the hydromodification regulation associated with the North Orange County MS4 NPDES Stormwater Permit. This program included watershed planning for integration of water quality, water supply, hydromodification and habitat protection issues through the development of a watershed database. The database allows analyses to be performed for infiltration feasibility and hydromodification susceptibility leading to the identification of site-specific BMP selection and opportunities for regional / sub-regional BMPs. With the new on-call services agreement, PACE will complete the same analysis for the remaining watersheds in Orange County.

PACE is also on the on-call list for Flood Control services for OC Public Works under which we have supported unique channel improvement projects and will be performing a stabilization improvements study for San Juan Creek downstream of Interstate 5.


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